Do I only get to order prints of my retouched images?

No, you may order any image from your gallery. Of course I recommend including the images you plan to print in the largest sizes in your list of retouched images.


Do I get a CD with my session?

No, I do not use CDs, as many computers no longer use CDs. I do offer digital options with some of my print collections via USB and digital cloud download. Print collections are an additional purchase to your session fee.


Can I purchase just the digitals?

No, I do not offer just digitals, as I am a professional photography studio and my goal is to create beautiful timeless art for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.  I offer print and product options not available to the general public and want you to walk away with something tangible and amazing!


What is a digital download?

A digital download is a folder of images uploaded from my computer to a cloud server then downloaded directly to your computer without compression.


Do I get copyrights to the digital images I purchase?

You will receive a print release to any image you purchase as a digital image. The print release allows you to use the image for personal use and does not limit your ability to reproduce the image. I maintain copyrights to all my images, as they are my intellectual property and created prior to the click of my shutter.


How large will I be able to print the digital images I purchase?

I do not compress or limit the size of the images you receive. My equipment is top of the line professional quality. I have canvases up to 20×60 in my home that are absolutely beautiful, and my images have been printed on billboards, so the sky is the limit.


Where do I send my Deposit?

Elizabeth Thompson Photography 3412 Sango Crossing Clarksville TN 37043


How long will it take to get my gallery?

1-3 weeks, but I’m usually operating right around a 2 week turnaround


How long will my retouch take?

Usually around 2 weeks


How long will it take to get my order?

Usually around 2 weeks